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We are Canada's best provider for 3D ultrasound services, our ultrasound technicians, fully licensed and ready help you through every step of the way will welcome you to our clinic with open arms. .

During this 30 minute session, expectant parents and family members will be able to see their unborn baby’s delicate features and movements! Imagine seeing your baby yawn, smile, and even suck his thumb! You will not only be able to feel your little one kick, but now you can see it as it actually happens! This unparalleled bonding experience will be a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Your eyes, his nose, now you’ll know…

The quality is so exceptional you'll want to share your amazing first baby photographs and videos with family and friends. And, unlike the traditional black and white 2D ultrasound you would recieve in a hospital, it's a great way to preserve the memory of this special time shared with your child for years to come.

The process of 3D ultrasound scanning during pregnancy Certainly before doing prenatal 3D ultrasound for the first time you would like to discover how the process is going on. You may ask your doctor, neighbour or just read this article. A basic 3d ultrasound can be used to confirm pregnancy as early as 5.5 weeks, determining gestational age of the baby as well as to check for location of the placenta. A woman might need a comprehensive ultrasound for checking the baby’s health around 18-20 weeks or like a follow-up to any of the above tests. Some providers may also recommend an 3d ultrasound to check on the baby’s growth during pregnancy or to see if the baby’s lungs are mature for delivery up to the end of pregnancy. During 20-th week, diagnostic of a fetal gender is about 95% to 100% accurate. However, the early gestational stage could be the time when an 3d ultrasound scan is able to find a problem in your reproductive system or potential harm to your baby. Contrary to the myth, 3d ultrasound is a completely painless diagnostic method. A prenatal ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves which are transmitted through the mother’s abdomen and create an “echo” where the sound waves bounce off the object, or in this case, the part of the baby they are examining, this creates the picture of the inside of your body. It is usually performed in a hospital X-ray department by means of a microphone linked to a computer. The amount of time needed for the scan varies in relation to the study to be performed. Determine the fetus gender rarely takes more than 5 minutes, while reviewing the development of your pregnancy may take about half an hour. It is not true either that what you are seeing on the screen is a deteriorated condition of your body. Only a doctor, radiographer or sonographer is able to understand the ultrasound waves so if you see them unclear that is not sign of something wrong. Anxiety is often present after your 3d ultrasound pregnancy scan, because results are immediate, but it might take some time before your doctor or any other specialist from 3d baby ultrasound clinic can analyze the scan to let you know what the ultrasound is revealing, whether your baby’s sex or a pregnancy condition to be treated or prevented. The procedure itself is painless, but in order to obtain the best image possible, mild discomfort might occur from some pressure or angling in an unusual direction. A gel-like substance is applied to the skin surface so that the transducer will have better contact; the gel might be slightly cold but it will not be painful. For some ob and gynecological exams, it may be necessary to place the transducer inside the vagina, however most women do not find this uncomfortable. In the case of a prostate exam, a transducer is inserted into the rectum; this will not cause any more discomfort than a normal rectal examination. Hope this tips will be useful for you preparing to your first 3d ultrasound Toronto.

For many future to-be-parents and for many doctors in antenatal clinics this question still remains to be popular and exhilarating. Is 3d ultrasound better than 2D? We will attempt to provide you answers in this article. First of all let us overview the history of 2D and 3D ultrasound devices. The first ultrasound device was developed in 1955 and it is currently difficult to imagine medicine without this method of diagnosis. Safety of the method was researched and tested many times by scientists all around the world. Examinations found ultrasound to be a safe and reliable method for visualization of a fetus. The first 3-dimensional machine appeared in 1989 in Austria. Unfortunately, image quality was very low and it took up to 30 minutes to get one static three-dimensional image. Naturally the method has not found its wide application in medicine. Only in 1996, thanks to a breakthrough of computer technology, the scanner with the possibility of three-dimensional reconstruction in real time appeared. Starting from that moment the method of 3D ultrasound has become more and more widely used in medicine, especially in the field of obstetrics. Devices for 3D ultrasound differs from 2D because of the presence of special built-in reconstructions for 3D images and special sensors. 3D sensors are larger than 2D sensors. Inside the case of 3D probe the usual two-dimensional sensor is concluded, which constantly moves with the help of a special mechanism. Computer stores information of successive 2D scans and counts (reconstructs) 3D image. The resulting image is printed on the device screen. It should be noted that the scan rate (typically 3.5 MHz), intensity and power of ultrasonic waves remain the same as in conventional ultrasound examination. That is, in a physical sense 3D ultrasound is no different from 2D. In other senses 3D ultrasound pregnancy has many additional advantages. Let’s explore them one by one. 1-st plus: Three-dimensional images allow a better view of some structures that are difficult to study in ordinary two-dimensional mode; 3D images are easier to understand for future parents and doctors of other specialties. 2-nd plus: Additional information that provides three-dimensional ultrasound is particularly valuable for the diagnosis of external malformations. After 3D ultrasound you can dispel all your doubts, personally count the fingers on small hands and feet and make sure there are no other external defects. 3-rd plus: The sex of the child is more clearly visible on 3D ultrasound. 4-th plus: With 3D the ultrasound mimics of the child can be considered even during pregnancy. This allows you to find those emotions that the baby feels – happy, frustration or apathetic. Thus, it is easy to understand how he or she feels. It has been known for a long time that good feelings allow the fetus to develop properly, but there is also another aspect. Bad emotions can occur because of more serious problems. For example, apathetic depressed moods can be caused by asphyxia – lack of oxygen, which entails a number of problems. A baby’s face distorted in pain, may be the reason of abnormal development of the internal organs, which causes pain. These are more general advantages of 3D ultrasound pregnancy. But for future parents the most popular reason to use 3D instead of 2D is of course the temptation to see the baby in a more “real” way, in color, look into his or her face and guess which of they parents the baby looks like. 3D ultrasound services must be approached intelligently. 3D ultrasound should not be used more than is strongly recommended. We strongly follow this rule during 3d ultrasound Toronto for you to remember just the best moments of your pregnancy.